Making sure you can stay connected

Making sure you can stay connected

The new Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS 4G LTE-A Indoor Router is the ideal solution for any business that needs to make sure it can always stay connected – or in situations where LTE connections are actually faster or more available than the fixed-line broadband, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Consumer and LTE at Zyxel.

For many businesses, providing good WiFi is really important. Part of the reason customers will go to certain cafés, bars and restaurants, visit a local gym, or stay at a particular guest house, will be because it has good WiFi.

It’s the same for most small businesses. Staff and visitors come to rely on always being able to get connected. Everyone tends to take that for granted now and they will soon notice if it becomes unavailable. While that might be a rare occurrence, it can happen and typically, it will happen at the busiest time - when there are a lot of customers or guests around, or when an important meeting is taking place, imagine a business not being able to process customer credit card transactions for example.

There are also situations where the LTE connection can be faster or more available than the fixed-line broadband connection. This is certainly the case in some remoter parts of Europe, where traditional broadband simply may not be available. But of course. LTE can fail too or, more commonly, the performance dips due to high levels of contention or due to maintenance work or a glitch on the network. In this situation, you need to may need to switch back to the broadband connection, as that will give you better performance.

Automatic switch-over

Whichever of these scenarios applies, having a router that will support both conventional DSL, ADSL, fibre broadband and LTE connections – and move between them automatically – is very useful. This is exactly what the new Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS 4G LTE-A Indoor Router is designed to deliver.

It has a built-in dual WAN capability. It will support connections both to broadband and to LTE and switch over to the other if the primary connection fails, or indeed, if performance dips so far that it makes sense to use the alternative.

It was possible to have dual-WAN capability previously, but you would have needed to install a USG gateway in addition to the router, which of course, would add to the cost and complexity of the network set-up. That does have obvious advantages in that it gives you all the added protection of our unified security gateways, but for many businesses, that might not be absolutely necessary.

Assured connection

The LTE3301-PLUS is a great solution for smaller companies that perhaps don’t quite need that level of protection but do need to make sure they have a back-up connection in case their principle connection does down.

It is also worth mentioning that the LTE3301-PLUS supports 1Gb Ethernet and Cat 6 connections, and it has external antennas that also increase wireless throughout, so performance is enhanced all-round.

For any smaller business that needs the reassurance that it can stay always stay connected, the LTE3301-PLUS is the ideal choice.