Licensing made simple as A, B, C

Licensing made simple as A, B, C

Zyxel is now providing three licensing options for its Nebula cloud management service available, making it easier for customers and partners to choose a level that is suited to their needs. Kevin Drinkall, EMEA Wireless and Cloud Market Development Manager at Zyxel, explains the thinking behind the change.

We are making some significant changes to the licensing of Nebula, our popular cloud management service. One of the biggest is the introduction of a third option for Nebula licensing. Previously, there were only two – the standard Nebula license, which we provide free on all Nebula-enabled products, and the Nebula Pro Pack, which included Nebula’s more advanced features.

However, some customers wanted to do more than they could with the free version but did not need the full functionality provided by the Pro Pack. To cater for this requirement, we have now introduced a further “Plus” option, which gives you a lot of additional and really useful administrative features, but not the more advanced capabilities, which perhaps only customers with more extensive or distributed networks, or providers of managed services, might use.

Nice and simple

We now have three levels – Base, Plus, and Pro, so it is simple and easy to understand. By providing this additional option, every customer should be able to select one that suits their needs very well indeed.

For most customers, the Base version of Nebula will do most of what you need to do, most of the time. It includes a really strong set of features that you won’t see offered elsewhere free of charge. The Plus level gives you additional, mainly administrative functions, and the Pro version has all the advanced features that we have developed over the years.

This is all part of our drive to simplify and unify our licensing options. You may have already seen my previous blog in which I describe how and why we are moving from a co-termination to a per-device model for product licensing. Now we are bringing forward changes to improved Nebula licensing. There are some further changes planned as well, all of which will make it easier for you to understand and make use of our licensing programmes.

Passionate and proud

Wherever we can, we want to make things as simple as A, B, C. All the changes we make are in direct response to customer and partner feedback. As we’ve often noted, everything we do is geared towards meeting the needs of our customers – that’s embedded in our culture and it’s something of which we are passionate and proud. We will continue to emphasise it at every opportunity.

If you have any feedback for us – on Nebula, on product licensing, or on any other aspect of our products and services, please get in touch with your local Zyxel office or partner. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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