Launching Zyxel Smart Support as part of your ZAP Benefits!

Launching Zyxel Smart Support as part of your ZAP Benefits!

Today (June 1st 2018) we are launching Zyxel SMART Support! Exclusively for ZAP Partners, we now have a solid and comprehensive support offering.

Some of the highlights are the new priority phone support for all of our ZAP Partners, and enhanced service levels to all partners.

For Silver and Gold Partners we commit to a 30 second answer time. No fear though, all ZAP partners will wait no longer than 60 seconds on hold! We think that is impressive, and we hope you will too.

We commit to all ZAP partners that there will be a response time of just 6 business hours, and a maximum time to resolve of 24 business hours. This SLA improves as you move through the ZAP programme. Silver Partners will see a 4 business hour response and 16 hour resolve tine and Gold Partners just a 2 business hours hour response and a maximum time to resolve of 10 business hours* We’re introducing Feature Request Support too. If you think we are missing something for a product, let us know and we will work with our R&D teams in Taiwan to see if this can be integrated into products in future. Some examples of this in the past are?

At Zyxel, we believe in the strength of great working relationship, and if you are in regular contact with our support team, we will ensure the same agent always looks after your queries. Providing consistency and improved knowledge share on your business.

Likewise, if there is something you are struggling with, or want to understand better, we commit that we will build and publish an article or a video to solve your query.

Sign Up / Log in to the Partner Portal today to see full details on the Zyxel SMART Support.

*excluding third party involvement.