Keeping your business secure through current times

Keeping your business secure through current times

Zyxel supports you to build a Smart Working concept.

The Corona virus has hit the economy in most countries hard and it seems we are still far away from the peak of the outbreak. It is the worst crisis the world has faced since the 2009 financial meltdown. This includes the bitter fact that especially smaller businesses are now under threat to survive.

So, is there a way to do something to survive this crisis? Fortunately for most businesses there is! The solution is what Zyxel calls Smart Working. In essence it means to work from home – but in a safe and efficient way.

Take the example of a small company involved in the translations and content writing business. This company has 6 fulltime employees and 10 freelancers, who usually work at least partly in the company office.

The first 6 staff members are involved in finance, sales and customer care as well as managing the company business. They always need full access to company resources. What does it mean if these staff members use the Smart Networking approach?

Most important is that they have full access to the company network. But with full access, we need to make sure that they do not infect the company network from the outside. What they need is a full IPsec VPN remote tunnel, installed on their laptop or PC. Their client software connects to the firewall appliance in the company and establishes a secure tunnel, where all traffic goes back and forth. It will work the same as if the person was in the company office!

However, the freelancers need only temporary access – this is where another remote access method comes into place: it is called SSL-VPN. You all know SSL secure connections from online shopping or banking. This is even easier for connection as it allows a very granular access to company resources.

So – for this typical company the solution is very clear:

For the central site a USG 40 UTM, which gives you all the VPN capabilities IPsec and SSL you need! Here you have the possibility to establish 20 IPsec connections and up to 15 concurrent SSL connections. The UTM – Unified Threat Management – additionally helps to fend off malware and ransomware attacks directed against the company network, which have become increasing common.

For the 6 staff members you need to buy the remote access client software. Once installed, you are ready to go .For the 10 freelancers - they can connect per SSL to the network. You can just use the SSL connectivity supported by the USG firewall. It supports 5 concurrent users by default and you can add up to 10 more users per license.

In Short:

  • SKU: USG40-EU0102F - Firewall Appliance 10/100/1000, 3x LAN/DMZ, 1x WAN, 1x OPT, UTM Bundle (AS, AV, CF, IDP) 1 YR
  • SKU: LIC-SSL-ZZ0015F LIC-SSL, E-iCard SSL VPN License add 5 Tunnels for Unified Security Gateway and VPN Firewall
  • SKU: SECUEXTENDER-ZZ0201F - SecuExtender, IPSec VPN WINDOWS Client 1 User License
  • OR for Mac:

  • SKU: SECUEXTENDER-ZZ0104F SecuExtender,E-iCard SSL VPN MAC OS X Client Licence for ZyWALL Firewall Appliance / 1 User

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