Keeping it simple for partners and customers

Keeping it simple for partners and customers

Like any other business, Zyxel wants to grow. To do that we need to design and make great products and make sure that customers are given good service and support. Our reseller partners are our representatives out in the market. They are both our sales force and our customer support team. We rely on them to help us build a strong reputation and customer base.

Our Partner Programme is therefore very important. It provides a framework for our partnerships and that way that our products and services are presented and sold, and how end-user customers are managed and supported.

Market conditions are always changing of course, and we often make adjustments to our Partner Programme. Every now and then, we review it completely.

We’re recently done this and have now launched the new Zyxel Ally Programme (ZAP!). We have updated several elements of the programme to reflect the changing needs of our resellers and their customers. One of the most important changes for our resellers is that we’re now providing discounts ‘up-front’ on our SMB and Cloud products. In other words, on the price they pay for these products from our authorised distributors.

This keeps everything simple.

Any Zyxel-accredited VAR that joins the programme becomes a Zyxel Ally, which is the first tier of Partner in ZAP. Resellers then accumulate Tier Points, by selling certain types of products. As their sales grow, they qualify to become a Silver and ultimately, a Gold Partner. As they step up thorough the programme, they are also required to attend additional sales and technical training to ensure that they have the right product and solutions knowledge to support customers.

It is easy for resellers to be a part of the Zyxel Ally Programme; they need only register their details and select the distribution partner(s) they will buy through. Resellers also get access to a Partner Portal, where they can access training and marketing resources and product information. Basically, everything they need to be confident in selling Zyxel products. They will also, of course, have access to our local partner support teams. Zyxel has a strong presence across Europe with dedicated offices in most countries.

All our current partners have been moved onto the new programme automatically, and we’re hoping that other resellers, whether they have worked with us previously or not, will also register and start to tell their customers about the great range of networking and connectivity products that Zyxel offers.