Is cloud-based network management right for you?

Is cloud-based network management right for you?

Everybody’s doing it

Cloud is well on its way to becoming mainstream. This isn’t hype – Gartner projects that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow by 16.5% on last year, to a whopping $204 billion.

Wi-Fi has got its own thing going on. The explosion of wireless devices in cloud applications means that enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks (once found only in the skyscraping offices of big corporates) are now essential for everybody – hospitality, healthcare, public venues, education, retail and beyond.

What does this mean for you as a reseller? Cloud-based network management presents a great opportunity to embrace remote control, protect your margins, and improve your customer service. So is it right for you? Let’s find out.

Bringing businesses closer

The problem for your customers is that their traditional networks are often spread across many locations that don’t have their own IT staff. This puts even more pressure on the central IT department – now they’re at maximum capacity provisioning, installing, upgrading and managing the networking equipment at every branch location.

Not so with cloud-based network management. For customers of any size, it brings its benefits. For resellers, it opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation. By managing every aspect of the network from a single location – from installation and access, to security, troubleshooting and analytics – nobody needs on-site staff, but they still get rapid deployment, in-built scalability and redundancy. It’s as simple as plugging in and auto-configuring the APs.

But the best bit is that the end-user can just hand over control of their network to their reseller partner, washing their hands of the day-to-day management, and focusing on what’s important to them: their business.

Is it right for you?

What about you? No matter the size of your business, cloud-based network management means big things for resellers, too.

Generate greater value by approaching the traditional business model from a fresh perspective, and move away from product to solution. Manage multiple customer sites on a massive scale, with no need for on-site staff. Deliver the services your customers are looking for – managed service providers that offer security, wireless, connectivity, disaster recovery and more. Forget about the unpredictable revenue spikes of the traditional IT buying cycle.

Ready when you are

Where should you be focusing your attention? Currently, the biggest demand for cloud-based networking is coming from SMBs. A lack of internal resource means they almost always need external IT support, but a smaller infrastructure puts resellers in a great position to offer a scalable model that grows alongside the customer.

For businesses like yours, cloud-based network management is a great opportunity to quickly expand the number of businesses you can support at one time. It’s a source of consistent and continuous revenue. It’s a better way to utilise your resources from a single site.

And if you’re ready to move into cloud-based network management, it’s a no brainer.