How to make your wireless reach further

How to make your wireless reach further

Reach out and WiFi'll be there

Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel, explains why the extended coverage provided by the company’s new WAX630S WiFi 6 access point can make all the difference for customers.

The Four Tops made the phrase ‘Reach Out’ famous with their classic 1967 hit, "Reach Out I'll Be There". While that has nothing to do with WiFi (it would be 25 years before the earliest form of the technology was even tested), the idea of being able to reach out when you need to connect to someone or something, does resonate with the needs of today’s mobile users.

Being able to get a good WiFi connection wherever you are is now regarded as essential. Whether it’s in a hotel, a leisure centre, a café or bar, a school classroom or university lecture hall, or an office. Users expect to be able to get a fast, reliable wireless connection. If they cannot, they are likely either to complain or – if the option is available to them – go elsewhere.

Really good news

This is why the arrival of our new WAX630S WiFi 6 access point is really good news. The major benefit of WiFi 6 (or 802.11ax to use the full name of the international standard), is that it allows more consistent and stable, high-speed connections over greater distances. That means that the WiFi coverage can reach further than ever and that all users will experience the same fast and dependable connectivity.

To extend its reach even further, we have also included four transmit/receive ariels on the WAX630S, which means that there is less congestion between connections. This also boosts performance and gives users that added performance edge when it comes to response times. Having this ‘4X4’ ariel configuration can really make a difference when there are a lot of users connected simultaneously.

It also helps the signals to reach even further, so one access point can cover a bigger area, and support as many as 90 connections when using Open SSID i.e. allowing anyone to connect without authentication. Even when using WPA3 encryption (another new addition that comes with the WAX630S), the access point will support as many as 75 connections.

Easier management

The inclusion of NebulaFlex Pro support with the WAX630S is also important. This means you can manage the device locally, though a dedicated controller, or via our cloud-based, Nebula service. Most of our commercial and public sector customers now choose to manage their access points and other Zyxel products – such as unified security gateways and smart managed switches – through Nebula. It’s the easiest way to configure, monitor and manage network devices. It also allows you to bring all the capabilities of our solutions together to ensure optimum performance and security.

These added security and management capabilities deliver significant benefits. And with the superior user experience of WiFi 6, and the more powerful signal strength provided by our 4X4 arial configuration, when you need to reach out even further, with the Zyxel WAX630S, you can be sure that the WiFi’ll be there.