Zyxel Nebula

How Nebula makes it easier to set up and manage networks

One of the big challenges with any technology is that for most people it is something of a black art. It’s all fine when it works, but getting it set up in the first place and getting it fixed when there’s a problem can be painful and expensive. And it never seems to get easier because, while all of us depend on technology and connectivity more than ever, it’s also become more complex.

This is a gap that Zyxel Networks has been working to close for many years with Nebula – our cloud platform that enables remote activation and configuration of network devices and their subsequent monitoring and management. A Nebula-enabled WiFi access point or a network switch, for example, can be configured before it is dispatched, so that it auto-installs as soon as it is connected to the network. It can then be fine-tuned remotely – and securely – over the web.

This means that you don’t need an engineer to come out and set it up. That saves time and means no installation fee. Or at least one that’s much lower and more time-efficient for everyone.

Once installed, the AP or switch can be monitored remotely as well, with the administrator or professional managed service provider (MSP), making any adjustments required to ensure the network stays up and running. This means you can easily hand over the set-up and management of your network to an expert MSP and minimise any potential for downtime.

This is why so many of our customers are now using Nebula-enabled devices and making use of the services of our MSP partners to run their networks. Maybe you could do the same?

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