How much data can you get for £25?

How much data can you get for £25?

Luke Harley, Market Development Manager for Consumer, CPE and LTE Solutions EMEA at Zyxel, says that with the cost of data coming down, it can be good to look to LTE as an option.

How much data can you get for £25/€30? Of course, we would not ask such a question of the answer was not interesting. It does, of course depend on where you are in Europe and what you get varies considerably. But in nine of the 28 European markets you can now buy 500GB or more for this price.

You can get very good connections in some countries and the service is fast and highly available. Where it is needed and there is demand, LTE is very affordable.

Versatile option

This is quite remarkable, and it also means that LTE is not only good for when you are traveling on business, and as a failover for fixed line DSL access, it’s also now a viable option for everyday web access, especially if you live in a remote area.

There are plenty of other instances where LTE can be very useful too. It can provide instantly-available access for a construction site or for a project team working in a rural area. For campsites or holiday home complexes that are not in use all the time, it’s ideal. We hear a lot about IoT and data collection and analysis now and some of the earliest adopters of smart technology are in the agriculture and environment industries, where sensors are used to monitor farm machinery being used out in the field, or water levels in areas that are prone to flooding.

In such instances, LTE is perfect and with the kind of prices we are now seeing for data, it’s very affordable too. While prices may remain higher in some countries and regions for now, they are only going to move in one direction.

Great outdoors

All this means it is a good idea for service providers to make sure potential customers are aware of LTE option. Even when the location at which they want to get connected is not in close proximity to the broadband network, they can still offer good, fast and affordable Internet access.

Zyxel has a range of both indoor and outdoor LTE solutions. Which can be used in harness with our routers and mesh WiFi solutions to provide excellent connectivity where there is no fixed line option. Our outdoor antennas can even be used to connect to a base station at distances of up to 20km, so they really do offer a great deal of flexibility.

It’s now becoming really cost-effective to move data across LTE connections, it’s important to give customers that option.