Faster WiFi for all users, all of the time

Faster WiFi for all users, all of the time

Zyxel has expanded its range of 802.11ax access points, providing additional options for customers who want to deliver higher performance and consistent WiFi experiences to all users, writes Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel.

You will have already heard plenty about WiFi 6 and the benefits it brings and Zyxel released its first WiFi 6 access point – the WAX650S – back in May. We’ve had a lot of interest in the product and now that more mobile devices have been released with support for the latest standard, we are seeing even more interest.

The arrival of two new Zyxel access points is, therefore, very well-timed. The new NWA110AX is an entry-level model that will meet the needs of smaller businesses that want to support WiFi 6, while the WAX510D is designed for SMBs that need to support multiple users and guests throughout the day.

Remote control

The NWA110AX comes with NebulaFlex, which means it can be managed as a stand-alone unit via the Nebula Control Centre, allowing administrators or managed services providers to configure, monitor and make changes remotely. This dual-radio access point supports high data rates and uses smart antenna technology to eliminate co-channel interference, boosting signal strength and ensuring all connected users are always getting the best possible performance.

The WAX510D access point offers all of this and more. It is also dual-radio and wall- and ceiling-mount options allow the access point to be situated for maximum coverage and minimum interference. Additionally, it can be managed using NebulaFlex Pro, giving users the flexibility of switching among stand-alone, controller-managed, and cloud-managed modes. It comes with a one-year Nebula Professional Pack license.

These two access points join the previously-mentioned WAX650S, which remains our flagship WiFi 6 product, delivering high speed and capacity for organisations that want the vest best performance. This device has one multi-gigabit Ethernet PoE port and an additional 1Gbps Ethernet port, so in addition to outstanding performance, it offers tremendous flexibility.

Superior performance

All these WiFi 6 access points make use of the latest technologies to deliver up to six times the throughput as 11ac access points and allow more users to connect without straining bandwidth. This means that all users will enjoy the same smooth and consistent experience. The new additions bring the superior performance and support for higher densities of users within the reach of many more of our customers and present them with the opportunity to provide faster, and more reliable WiFi to all users, at all times.

We are excited about the arrival of these new access points. Many users will have upgraded their notebooks, tablets and smartphones over the last six months and with the continuing need for people to maintain safe distancing from each other in workplaces or meeting areas, there will be even more of a need for the fast, consistent connectivity and performance that WiFi 6 delivers.

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