Don't compromise on a great business WiFi, even if you are a small business

Don't compromise on a great business WiFi, even if you are a small business

How smaller businesses can meet the now extensive needs and demands to provide and manage guest and employee access to WiFi across the entire location with Multy Plus.

Having great wireless networking is now essential for all types of businesses. Hotels, cafes, bars and even doctor’s waiting rooms are expected to offer excellent WiFi. It reflects well if they can offer fast, high-quality and reliable connectivity to guests and visitors.

This means making sure that the access is consistent right across your location. Guests at a hotel expect WiFi to be good throughout the hotel. Visitors to an office will want to get a great connection in the fourth floor meeting room as well as the reception area. Cafes are expected to offer WiFi as more and more people work away from their offices and on the move.

Staying in control

It is important for businesses to know who is connecting to their WiFi and to have some control over that connection. This will ensure that only authorised individuals can make use of the bandwidth and that their usage can be monitored, which could be important for legal and compliancy reasons. In addition, you don’t want guests taking up all the available bandwidth and preventing your own staff from performing essential day-to-day tasks.

Meshed wireless

It’s for all these reasons that more businesses need to deploy meshed wireless networks such as the Multy Plus rather than relying on a single broadband router and a handful of range extenders. By using a set of access points, that are ‘meshed’ together, high-performance coverage can be provided across an entire site. These are the requirements our new Multy Plus solutions are designed to meet. They will cover an area of around 7,500 square feet using three devices, which should be enough for most establishments. Multy Plus is tri-band, which essentially means it offers better performance. It also has 5 GHz dedicated connection between each Multy Plus device. This means all users will get the same fast connectivity wherever they are on the site.

Multy Plus for everyone

Multy Plus also provides support and straightforward set-up for three separate WiFi networks – one for guests or visitors, a second for employees, a third for administrators. This allows you to have greater control and security for your networks.

For guest access, a captive portal that can be used on laptops, tablets and mobile phones, allows the business to provide password-controlled access to the Internet once visitors have agreed to standard terms and conditions. Staff can be given access to additional resources and administrators have detailed control over access. Extensive security features include safe browsing, anti-phishing, malware and ransomware blocking, content filtering, application monitoring, automatic security up-dates, and more – ensuring you supply a secure connection to your customers as well as being GDPR compliant.

This may seem like a lot of capability to pack into a wireless network solution for smaller businesses. However, WiFi has become vitally important to all organisations and making sure connections are of a decent quality and completely secure is important as well. There is no room for compromise now, and with the kind of mesh network that can be set up with a Multy Plus, businesses can supply their customers with the best service.

Multy Plus will be available direct from Amazon soon, or if you would like to understand more, contact one of our team.

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