Beating the wheel of boredom: how to get less service calls

Beating the wheel of boredom: how to get less service calls

There it is. That grey, spinning ring in the middle of your screen. And it’s taunting you. All you wanted to do was watch your favourite film, in the warmth of your own home. You paid extra for super-fast Wi-Fi so things like this didn’t happen. Yet here you are – waiting for it to buffer again.

That’s the scene too many of your FTTH customers are facing. When they buy superfast Wi-Fi, they expect exactly that. And without the technical knowledge to explain the situation for themselves, they direct their annoyance, and their service calls, at you. Naturally, we know it’s not your fault, but there’s no doubting it – your customers’ experiences are affected, and so is their impression of your brand.

Information overload

With so many devices in use – including games consoles, TVs, smartphones and tablets – the strain on home Wi-Fi networks is greater than ever. And thanks to the rise of 4k video, that burden is only going to increase.

Meanwhile, users’ expectations are growing, with FTTH customers expecting lightning-fast Wi-Fi wherever they are in their home – even in the garden.

That means they’re going to keep being confronted by buffering icons, and they’re going to keep being annoyed about the level of service they’re receiving. Unless we do something about it, that is.

Say hi. Wave2 is here.

We believe the first part of the solution to your customers’ gripes is something called Wave2 – a wireless standard and set of router features designed to optimise coverage and throughput for every device in the home, using futuristic stuff like MU-MIMO, air-time fairness, transmit beamforming, and band steering.

A wave is nothing without a smile

Obviously, we’d love to tell you that Wave2 is the solution to all those service calls. And it is, kind of. But to really serve those high ARPU customers, you need to go deeper into the home network, and better understand the issues they’re facing – so you can spot problems, then fix them as quickly and easily as possible.

This isn’t as easy as it used to be. FTTH customers expect high performance on every device, whether they’re in the front room or the garden. And short of breaking the laws of physics, the only way to achieve this is with multiple Access Points. That means added complications, and greater scope for network issues.

That’s where OneConnect comes in. It delivers easy setup, discovery, diagnostics, and remote troubleshooting – as well as acting as one platform for all of a user’s wireless gateways and range extenders.

Phones down. Satisfaction up.

Armed with all of the above, your customers are free to plug new Access Points in wherever they need to. Providing all the benefits of a multi AP network – without the complication – OneConnect is a network’s best friend.

And when you combine OneConnect with Wave2, your FTTH customers will be free to enjoy the wireless experience they’ve come to expect – in every area of their house. So they never have to fear the wheel of boredom again. And more importantly, they won’t feel the need to call you again either.

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