Are you prepared for the hackers out there?

Are you prepared for the hackers out there?

Are you a small business owner? Are you prepared for the hackers out there?

Recently there’s one topic, which hit the headlines everywhere. (and we’re not talking to Royal Wedding!!). The dreaded General Data Protection Regulation – AKA GDPR – that came into effect on May 25th 2018.

The news is also full of stories of businesses not being prepared, especially small businesses. Not only trying to prepare to be compliant for the deadline, but also trying to keep your business running!

This is not only true for small businesses, but also for lawyers, doctors and any kind of service or business which is dependent on interaction with others – and this is where the Zywall VPN2S enters the picture:

Protect your network

Many businesses and people dealing with or working in healthcare, law-related services and others need the same protection as big businesses. Malware is flooding the internet and a simple Internet access device with the bare minimum protection is just not good enough anymore. The Zywall VPN2S offers one year free content filtering as standard, to prevent users from accessing 64 URL and unsafe security threats such as anonymizes, malware, phishing & fraud, botnets, spam sites, etc. As well as inappropriate or age restricted content.

Goodbye downtime

Always on? This is essential in today’s world of aggressive competition and speedy decisions - keep your business up and running with Dual-WAN load balancing/fail-over, with an alternative mobile broadband 3G/4G USB WAN dongle option that allows you to use it as a backup Internet. Never worry about losing business opportunities from a lost connection again – make it happen with the Zywall VPN2S.

Working from home or in remote locations? No problem!

Today`s world is all about flexibility and being there wherever and whenever your business actually happens. Whether it be at a client site, a cafe or on the train. it is essential that you always have access to your network to work on files or check something in your business intelligence system. This is where remote access via VPN becomes the essential ingredient for success. The ZyWALL VPN Firewall provides a comprehensive VPN connection for your business. ZyWALL VPN2S supports L2TP/IPSec VPN Hardware engine for high efficiency VPN tunnel and VPN load balance/failover with stronger VPN algorithm (IKEv2 & SHA-2) that ensures reliable and secured VPN business communications.

Simple solution

Does being entangled with complex technology give you a headache? Do you want to focus on your core business instead of calling technical support? Then the VPN2S is again the right product for you. Zyxel’s multilingual and simple set-up will get you connected quickly. For fast and efficient management, we offer a complete suite of remote management tools that empower administrators to easily configure and monitor their VPN2S. VPN2S can double as an L2TP VPN client, so you don’t need to setup VPN settings on each of your individual devices, just set it up once and you're done! Understand more by getting in touch with us or your account manager.