An offer you don't want to refuse

An offer you don't want to refuse

To help businesses that are trying to get on top of their administrative tasks after the turmoil of the last few months, until the end of August, Zyxel is offering an additional three months on one-year firewall licenses, free of charge – it’s an offer that’s too good to miss, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel.

For many businesses it has been difficult to operate in a completely normal way during the lockdown. While most of us may be able to do most of the things we’d normally do when we are in the office at home, it’s not possible to do everything.

If you need access to a particular network device or a security gateway, for example, you need to be there physically. There may be some data that is stored on PC systems or servers that can only be accessed by someone who is connected to the network on-premises – or even physical documents that are stored away in a filing cabinet.

Changed priorities

The priorities have changed during this time as well. There has been plenty to do just keeping the business up and running and everyone connected, engaged, and motivated. Small tasks – such as the renewal of software licenses – have probably been set to one side for the time-being or forgotten about altogether.

Now that most businesses are returning – or at least planning their return – to the workplace, they will be looking to get back on top of all the tasks that had to be neglected over the past few months and Zyxel is doing its bit to help by making a special offer available on the renewal of firewall licenses.

Get yourself protected

Until the end of August 2020, we are providing an extra three months free on renewals of one-year firewall licenses. We are doing this to encourage our customers to make sure that they have the latest updates and protection on their security device. As we all know, cybercrime is such a big threat now and you cannot afford to drop your defences for a moment. Without a renewal of the license, you won’t get updates and – sooner or later – you may become exposed to potential attacks.

The offer is available on all Zyxel USG and ATP series appliances. It’s one that you should not refuse.

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