A small price to pay for added peace of mind

A small price to pay for added peace of mind

When you go away on holiday or an extended business trip, it’s always advisable to try and give the impression that someone is at home. Setting up a timer switch to turn lights on and off, leaving a couple of books or magazines lying around, getting someone to come around and pick up the mail.

These are all are useful and pragmatic suggestions, but how many of us actually do these things? Perhaps sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t.

It’s the same with IP-based surveillance. You might well understand the benefits of setting up an IP camera at home. But getting around to buying and installing one is another matter. The big advantage of having an IP camera though is that, once it is set up and running, you don’t have to do anything, just check it from time to time, or when you receive an alert.

This is why we have made the Zyxel Aurora IP camera very quick and easy to set-up and use. Even as you are setting it up, the camera will link to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Thereafter it will simply connect to your home WiFi, allowing you to access the camera at any time, from any location.

Night vision in colour & secure local storage

You can have the camera on all the time or activate it on request. It is also motion-sensitive and you can set it up to send you an alert whenever it detects movement, or at a set time. Also, and importantly for many people, it has excellent recording capability even in very low light. The Aurora is a full HD 1080p camera and we have used the very latest Sony lens technology. It will record images in colour, even when it gets very dark.

This is ideal if you want to use the camera to monitor your kids or your pets, or to capture images of intruders. This is a feature you won’t find on many IP cameras – and most that do claim to work in low-level light don’t give you a sufficiently high quality.

You need not worry about anyone else seeing the footage either. It is stored within the camera, which has 16GB capacity – enough for about a week of continuous filming. You can also connect the Aurora to a network-attached storage device to get more capacity. You can have several cameras – all controlled through the same app, and two-way audio allows you to communicate with whoever is on the frame.

A simple and effective way to make homes safer

The Aurora is Zyxel’s first IP camera product; we could certainly have produced one before, but without these important features – easy set-up, colour night vision, and built-in storage, we would only have been replicating products that are available already. We wanted to make sure that our IP camera was distinctively different – an IP camera that you would want to install at home to give you added peace of mind when you are away on longer work or personal trips.
We have also made it very affordable, so purchasing an Aurora camera will be a relatively small price to pay for such a simple and effective way of making your home safer or more secure.

Given the option, everyone would find good reasons to have IP camera helping to protect their home. We’re hope that, with its unique combination of features and an attractive price, the Zyxel Aurora camera will persuade many more people to finally get around to buying and installing one.