A little box of brilliance

Zyxel’s latest and super-fast powerline adapter is a great way to extend the reach of home networks – quickly, simply and affordably, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Consumer and LTE at Zyxel.

Powerline is the easiest and most affordable way to extend a home network. All you need do is plug a PLA adapter into a power socket next to your broadband router, connect the router to the PLA and plug a PLA adapter into the power socket where you want to get a better network connection, and it will do the rest. The adapter will connect to your router automatically though your electricity network and provide faster throughput than you could expect from a conventional WiFi connection.

PLA is ideal for rooms that are just a little bit too far away to give you the performance you need when connecting via WiFi. And the great news is that the new Zyxel PLA6456 makes use of the very latest G.hn Wave 2 standard, which means that it offers even faster performance and improved coverage. Twice as fast This technology is twice as fast as the previous HomePlug AV2 standard and is capable of supporting stable 4K or 8K / UHD video streams.

This makes it ideal for supporting a TV and / or gaming console that is being used in a bedroom or study. There is no theoretical distance limit with the PLA6456 – if it and your router are plugged into your mains network they should connect without difficulty and provide a smooth, seamless and reliable Ethernet link.

An integrated electrical power socket on the PLA6456 means you can keep existing AC-powered devices connected to the electric supply. In fact, it improves electrical supply quality by filtering out static. And when not in use, it will go into stand-by mode, automatically, helping to reduce power consumption.

Simple, reliable & affordable Zyxel has always been one of the leaders in PLA technology – and that’s a position we intend to keep. With the PLA6456, we are providing one of the simplest, most reliable and affordable ways to extend the reach of a home network. Our Powerline products have been growing steadily in popularity, helping more end user customers understand just how good and how reliable Zyxel networking technology is – and that’s helping us and our partners to spread the word about our complete range of wireless networking, switching and security gateway solutions.

With Zyxel as your networking ally, in the home and the office, you can find a solution for all your connectivity needs. The PLA6565 is little box of brilliance that we expect to be extremely popular. It will be available across the European region, except in the UK, where a different kind of electrical power socket is used.