Managing devices via Nebula makes 5G/LTE an even better option

Managing devices via Nebula makes 5G/LTE an even better option

Zyxel has released three 5G/LTE routers that can be configured and managed remotely using the Nebula cloud platform, giving businesses an even more attractive option as a failover for fixed-lines, or as the main connection to the Internet, says EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel, Patrick Hirscher.

5G/LTE is one of the most fascinating technologies to have emerged in recent times. The fourth generation (4G) of LTE delivered much faster mobile data access that really boosted the growth of online services and mobility. We now have 5G, which makes data access speeds of up to 1Gbps theoretically possible, and also opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The opportunity has been recognised by both businesses and consumers. As a result, 5G/LTE connectivity is becoming really popular. This is why we decided to advance our plans to release 5G/LTE devices that can be managed through our Nebula cloud platform. Most of our customers now prefer to manage network devices over the web through our Nebula cloud portal – and with 5G/LTE, being able to control the device remotely is particularly useful.

Established practice

5G/LTE is becoming popular because people are discovering that it’s both a great way to provide failover for fixed line connections and to connect to the Internet in its own right.

Using 5G/LTE as a safety-net in case a broadband line should go down is an established practice already. The increasing reliability and relatively low cost of 4G has made it perfectly viable for data connectivity and now, with 5G coverage expanding, LTE is an even more attractive as a contingency option.

But with 5G/LTE has taken a huge step forward. The fifth generation technology is so fast that it is now seen as a viable alternative to fixed lines. It is still the case that in remote parts of the EMEA region, you can’t get fixed-line connections at all, and for these regions, 5G is perfect. Also, even in well-developed countries, broadband speeds in certain areas – even within major towns and cities – don’t get much above 30Mbps. This is pretty slow compared to the 70Mbps you might reasonably expect to get with a 4G LTE connection – and with 5G you can go much faster.

This is fuelling high demand for 5G/LTE solutions. Rather than wait for local infrastructure to be upgraded for full fibre connectivity, businesses and home users are buying and installing 5G/LTE routers and using them as their main connection. The fixed line can then be used as a back-up instead.

As a result, our 5G/LTE routers are selling really well and as a result of customer feedback, we have now also released three devices– two 5G (indoor and outdoor), one 4G (indoor) – that can be installed and managed remotely through our Nebula cloud.

Whether it being used for failover or as a main connection, being able to manage the 5G/LTE device remotely is really useful. It means you can configure and monitor the 5G/LTE service and make any adjustments from a distance. This gives administrators more flexibility and now that we are all working at home more often, that’s something a lot of organisations will welcome.

As the roll-out of 5G services continues we expect LTE to become an even more popular option and sales of our 5G/LTE routers to keep on growing. Especially now that there are versions that can be managed via Nebula. If you’d like to have a failover for your broadband connection, or you are in an area where fixed line connections are not available or are just not fast enough, 5G/LTE may be an option you’d want to seriously consider.

To find out more about the options, please contact your local Zyxel office or partner.