Is this an offer you can’t refuse?

Is this an offer you can’t refuse?

Zyxel is running a promotion on three of its best-selling unified security gateway security appliances and it’s an offer that, for many customers, should be too good to ignore, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel

We are all familiar with the tricks that companies play when they are trying to persuade you to buy more of their products or services. Buy-on-get-one-free, three for the price of two, 50% off and so on. It’s a well-trodden path but one that obviously has an impact otherwise, it would not be done so much. And from a buyer’s perspective, if it is a product or service that you actually need – and were perhaps thinking of buying anyway, a special offer is always going to be attractive.

We’d like to think that our special promotion on the unified security gateway (USG) devices falls squarely into that category – especially at the present time, when there is a need to provide extra protection for the higher proportion of employees who are working at home more often.

Full protection

The offer gives customers a free one-year license extension to any customer purchasing a USG110, USG210, or USG310 appliances by 31 December 2020. This comes on top of the one year that was already part of the deal, which means that our customers now get a full two years of full protection from the latest threats.

The ZyWALL USG series thoroughly protects networks by placing a virtually in-penetrable barrier at the gateway between your internal network and the world wide web. Having valid license will mean that this critical part of your digital defences will always stay right up to date and able to repel the never-ending stream of viruses and other threats that continue to circulate.

Why is the protection the USG series offers so effective? Because it provides networks with thorough, non-stop protection against all kinds of malware, viruses and Spam, plus content filtering, identity protection, monitoring of applications to ensure that they can stay up and running smoothly, and the ability for administrators to regulate usage of social or other undesirable websites.

Faster ROI

We use an array of advanced technologies to ensure that our USG firewalls provide industry-leading protection and that’s why they are amongst the most popular products in their class. To ensure that they continue to provide the top-class protection, you need to have an up-to-date license and by providing this extra free year, we’re giving customers extra value that mean they don’t need to worry about updating the license for two whole years, and even faster return-on-investment.

That’s why this promotion is something that no business should ignore. Smaller and mid-sized businesses need good protection more than ever and the USG series is ideal for their needs. As everyone carefully negotiates the return to work, IT teams and partners are now starting to pick up on projects that may have been set to one side for the past few months.

Upgrading protection at the gateway to the network was something that they were probably planning to do anyway and now, with an even more distributed workforce than they had before, having that solid security in place is more important than ever. That’s why, we think, this offer is one that they can’t afford to refuse.

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