Faster connection speeds with new Access Point

Faster connection speeds with new Access Point

While the new Zyxel NWA90AX access point is – on the face of it – a very simple and affordable wireless device, it supports the fastest connection speeds and provides remote management flexibility, making it a truly outstanding choice for small businesses, says Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel.

We are all familiar WiFi technology these days and make use of it all the time. At work, at home and when we are on the move. And while we all like to have the fastest speeds and access to as many advanced features as possible, there are also times when all we need is a nice, simple, cost-effective solution. One that gives us decent performance and does everything we need to do.

It is exactly this kind of requirement that Zyxel is meeting with the new NWA90AX access point. This is our simplest and most affordable wireless connectivity solution yet. It comes with all the every-day features that businesses need. But, as you might expect from Zyxel, it also has a couple of additional capabilities and benefits that make it special in its class.

Best in class

First of all, it supports WiFi 6 – the latest and fastest standard for wireless connectivity. All new notebooks, tablets and smartphones now coming onto the market support the higher performance offered by 802.11ax, so you can give users the very best WiFi experience. It also supports WiFI 6 on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which gives you added range and flexibility.

Secondly, the NWA90AX comes with NebulaFlex, which means it can be managed locally or through our cloud-based management service, Nebula, giving you the option to monitor the device remotely. And of course, with NebulaFlex, you can switch between the two options at any time – if you need or want to do that.

These two additional features make all the difference. As I write this blog, I am not aware of any other entry-level access point on the market today that offers both WiFi 6 support and remote management capability.

A further bonus is support for up to four SSIDs, which means you could set up multiple WiFi networks on the NWA90AX. That means it’s still possible for smaller businesses, cafés, bars, and restaurants to provide a different network for different groups of users – for IT staff, other employees, visitors, and guests, for example.

Fast, flexible, reliable

With the NWA90AX you get simple functionality but also better technology – and at a very affordable price. It’s a really good product and one we are really pleased to have added to our range. It means that just about every small business can now benefit from the excellent performance, flexibility, and reliability that Zyxel offers in all its wireless products.

From a partner perspective, the NWA90AX extends range and is particularly suitable for webstores, where there it is always useful to have an entry-level offering.

The addition of the NWA90AX really fills out our AX range and means we have something for every customer and every type of requirement. Sometimes it is best to keep thing simple and with the WiFi 6, NebulaFlex, and support for up to four wireless networks, we believe that the NWA90AX is simple the best entry-level access point on the market today.

To find out more, contact your nearest Zyxel office or your local Zyxel partner.