Unlocking Smoother Learning Experiences at Seoul Academy

The Seoul academy faced high network traffic due to numerous users utilizing electronic devices in a limited space, particularly during video lectures. To ensure smooth and efficient learning, the academy adopted Zyxel's WAX650S WiFi 6 AP, supporting up to 5G multi-gigabit uplink ports for faster and more stable wireless networking. Besides, Zyxel's smart antenna technology constantly adapts connections to each device, minimizing signal interference through automatic analysis and adjustment of the antenna pattern based on terminal location and neighboring AP signals. The academy implemented Zyxel's USG FLEX 700 Firewall with content filtering and app patrol capabilities, restricting access to unnecessary sites and apps. The network segregates student and teaching staff networks, with the student network utilizing content filtering for focused studying. This customization enhances the educational environment, allowing access only to education-related sites and blocking threats and inappropriate applications. QoS rules prioritize specific devices' traffic, ensuring equal data distribution for students, resulting in smooth learning experiences. Zyxel's network devices can be centrally managed, enabling real-time monitoring and effective problem-solving, even without a dedicated network administrator. Zyxel's network solutions have transformed the academy's connectivity, providing a stable and efficient learning environment with enhanced security, content filtering, and effective network management.

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