NIS2 Obligations & Implications Explored

Unveiling Digital Responsibilities

The European Parliament has approved the NIS2 Directive that requires EU member countries to include it in their own national laws by October 2024. This directive comes with penalties for those who don't follow it.

For essential organizations, the fines could be as high as €10 million or 2% of their annual global turnover. Meanwhile, significant organizations might face fines of up to €7 million or 1.4% of their annual worldwide turnover. It's important to ensure compliance as the deadline gets closer.

NIS2 Directive Encompasses Diverse Sectors

The NIS2 Directive is anticipated to bring about heightened enforcement and obligations, fostering a more secure digital economy within the European Union while enhancing protection against cyberattacks. Learn how we can assist in preparing for and supporting various sectors as listed below:

Boosting Cybersecurity for ICTs Service Providers

Within this directive, our target audience primarily includes Information and Communication Service Providers (ICT services). By collaborating with ICT services providers, we can provide cutting-edge networking solutions that bolster their capacity to secure critical communication channels and data, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of information while mitigating cyber threats.

Elevating Digital Infrastructure under NIS 2

Our industry is well-equipped to contribute significantly to the improvement of digital infrastructure elements highlighted in the NIS 2 Directive, such as Telecom, DNS, TLD, data centers, trust services, and cloud services. Our technological advancements can strengthen the foundations of these essential components, enhancing their reliability, scalability, and security, ultimately fortifying the entire digital ecosystem.

Securing Digital Assets for MSPs and MSSPs

We are in a unique position to support Providers of Managed Services and Managed Security Services in their mission to safeguard their clients' digital assets. Our expertise in networking advances can empower them to deliver comprehensive, proactive security solutions that address emerging threats effectively, providing peace of mind to businesses and organizations relying on their services.