Zyxel Gives Turkey’s Biggest Logistics Center a Network to Match

In the logistics game, smooth and secure communications is serious matter. Missing an email or video conference call and dispatching a semitrailer for a mistimed delivery could cost you time, money, and potentially a customer. Spanning an area the equivalent of more than 50 football fields, Ankara Logistics Base had a fiber-optic network – but it didn’t have infrastructure that could manage its vast traffic flows or safeguard the integrity of its users’ data. What kind of tech do you require to satisfy these needs for a site hosting 400 enterprises? Read on to find out.

We’d implemented a fiber-optic network, but we still needed infrastructure that would provide internet access to all offices and ensure the security of the traffic. We chose Zyxel and were very pleased with its products as well as our work with Zyxel’s business partner Aybiltech. I sincerely thank both companies.

Alper Gündüz
Board Chairman, Ankara Logistics Base