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10/100TX to 100FX Media Converter



Zyxel MC100FX-SC2-A is a media converter with Fast Ethernet traffic conversion capability. It's specially designed for active Ethernet ETTx deployment to ensure extra bandwidth and future-proof investment. Unique features like fiber protection and wall-mount design allow users to easily deploy the MC100FX-SC2-A for fiber connectivity at customer premises.

Converts Speed and Media Types

Extends Network Span for up to 2 km

Link Fault Signaling (LFS) Notifies Down Link to Peers

Wide-ranging operating temperature design from -10°C to 55°C

Easy Installation


Extending the Network Span

The MC100FX-SC2-A equips with one 100FX fiber port and one 10/100TX copper port for speed and media conversion. The built-in SC type connector and Multimode fibre transceiver module are capable of extending network span for up to 2 km.

Transparent to 802.1Q VLAN Packets

The MC100FX-SC2-A media converter can identify and retain 802.1Q VLAN packets to ensure that Virtual LANs (VLANs) operation across the media converter.

Easy Installation

With Auto-negotiation, the 10/100TX copper port can synchronize transmission speed and mode with peer devices. In addition, Auto-crossover on 10/100TX copper port eliminates circuit mismatch problem by auto-sensing the MDI/MDIX function; both features make installation easier to complete. Meanwhile, multiple configurations can be done via DIP switches to give users more management capability for better control over the devices.

Easy Troubleshooting

With the Link Fault Signaling (LFS) mechanism, one failed link detected on the 10/100 copper port will force to stop a link on the fiber port, and vice versa. The copper downlink port will stop transmitting and turned off as soon as the remote link is failed, and the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) of the connected switch will start functioning as a result to activate the backup link that secure the network operation. Transparent link status is delivered by LFS mechanism to make network recovery and troubleshooting easier and faster.

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