Zyxel Uses Its Noodle to Provide Pasta Manufacture with Perfect Network Solution

Beşler Pasta, one of Turkey’s largest pasta manufacturers, was recently in need of a new wireless network infrastructure for its factory in Gaziantep. Employees in the facility were equipped with network-connected handheld terminals to perform stock entry and production control. However, tall walls inside the warehouse presented a major challenge as they created a potential barrier to wireless signals that could impact overall connectivity and the stability of a network. Zyxel Solution Partner, Mefapex, had just what was needed to establish a reliable network — the NXC2500 WLAN controller. With the help of Mefapex and the right solutions provided by Zyxel, Beşler Pasta no longer has to worry about keeping its staff connected.

"Zyxel is a brand we know of and their products and solutions are always preferred. By the end of the project, we can see that we have selected the right solution."

Bilal Pala
Purchasing and IT Manager, Beşler Pasta

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