Zyxel Serves Up a Comfortable Communication Experience at This Turkish Spa Resort

There’s a valuable resource in the ground beneath Yalova town: water—spring water, to be precise—and it’s earned the Turkish town a reputation as the regional capital of relaxation. Befitting the town’s status is Terma City, a recently opened hotel that boasts a colossal 454 rooms. It’s a grand establishment and needed a network to match. Having already installed fiber-optic cabling, Terma City faced its biggest question: how to unify all the disparate elements, from the surveillance cameras and IP telephony to the internet access offered to guests. Here’s the answer.

Working with [Zyxel partner] Flagment Computer has been delightful, and we’re now able to operate our IP cameras and IP phone equipment with ease. We’re very pleased with the network infrastructure we’ve established and it’s all thanks to Zyxel’s products. The network will serve us well for a long time and can be configured to fit our needs perfectly.

Ahmet Atala
Purchasing manager, Terma City

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