WiFi Innovation Nurtures Business Incubation in Turkey

If there’s one modern-day impediment to business productivity, it’s a bad internet connection. This is nowhere clearer than in the early phase of business development, when ideas are born, merged, refined, and shared. Case in point: spotty WiFi was causing headaches at the BTM incubation hub in Turkey’s capital. With an integrated solution from Zyxel, however, BTM now has stable, high-speed wireless with underlying authentication, management, and log retention features that satisfy local laws and ease the burden on staff. Here’s what they got and how they got it.

Our center covers an area of 1,400 square meters. We provide services including meeting rooms, sporting facilities, and seminar halls. Along with these, it’s highly important that we provide fast internet access with robust security. We’re very comfortable with the new solution thanks to the technology and expertise we’ve received from Zyxel.

Uzman Muhammed Eken
Administrative affairs manager, BTM

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