Students Stay Connected with ZyXEL Dormitory Network

In Turkey’s competitive student housing market, there is one thing residents have in common — an appetite for fast, stable, and secure network connectivity. The General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency(KYK) knows this well, having been in the business of providing students with both financial aid and housing for more than 50 years. They are well-acquainted with student demands in the digital age. However, providing connections to hundreds of residents in student dormitories is not without its pitfalls. More users connecting on one network can slow service. That is why KYK turned to local ZyXEL partner Atasayar Group to provide a robust solution based on ZyXEL hardware that could easily manage the heavy network traffic.

“We wanted an integrated solution that would give us visibility into the wired and wireless networks. We decided to build this infrastructure using ZyXEL products and services. The project would provide internet connections to 289 rooms. The combination of ZyXEL products and the assistance provided by local partner Atasayar Group proved to be the right choice, as we have now seen and personally experienced the positive results.”

Jennifer Gurel
Duzce KJC General Manager

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