Research Hospital Cures its Security Woes with Switching Solution

When the Health Hitit University Erol Olçok Education and Research Hospital opened its doors in early 2017, it was one of the region’s largest and most advanced educational and health care facilities. The sheer size of the facility and the volume of people served there created several challenges, especially in the area security. Management planned to tackle this problem by establishing a video surveillance system. They just needed to find the right equipment to handle the volume of data that would be generated by hundreds of cameras. They found what they were looking for in a new network solution based on Zyxel switching products.

Our new hospital building with 176 outpatient clinics and 800 beds offers the residents of Çorum the opportunity to access health care services both easily and quickly. Our hospital needed a perfect security infrastructure as we serve thousands of people each day. We preferred state-of-the-art Zyxel switching solution for the network infrastructure supporting the IP camera system. We would like to thank Zyxel for the successful implementation of this project

Asst. Assc. Prof. Dr. Sinan Zehir
Hittite University

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