Kent New Build Achieves Smart Home Serenity

For one family in southeast England, the networking solution in their newly built home was music to their ears – literally. Long-time Zyxel partner Inspired Dwellings turned to enterprise-grade solutions to outfit the sprawling Kent county house. Connecting its 14 rooms, home theatre, gym and CCTV system was only part of the job; also on the family’s wish list was playing music across multiple rooms as well as allowing several family members to listen to different music simultaneously. Read on to discover how Zyxel delivered on each along with practically minded tech support that can remotely investigate and resolve any network issue.

Working with Zyxel is brilliant and easy, we deal with very complex projects, so we always look for partners and solutions to prevent headaches – there are enough of those to contend with already! That’s why we chose Zyxel. The product arrives, we configure and install it, and it just works.

Rob Sutherland
Managing director and co-founder, Inspired Dwellings

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