Czech Health Care Provider Cures WiFi Ills with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Blood Center Ltd. provides guests with a wide range of modern medical services at its four branches across northern Moravia in the Czech Republic. However, the company was poorly equipped to deliver the top-tier network connectivity that both staff and guests required. The outdated WiFi equipment was no longer suited to the large volume and bandwidth modern application demand. Multiple locations further complicated network management. Luckily, Zyxel had the cure for these network woes—a wireless solution based on the latest Nebula-enabled access points. Not only are the Nebula APs simple to install and setup, they offered an easy-to-use interface and centralized management — just what the doctor ordered.

For our company, it was important to be able to send the devices to branches without the need for configuration. The configuration took place remotely without on-site IT. The ability to monitor individual devices, including reports, was another obvious advantage. This allowed us to first test the Nebula before implementing it.

Jan Žurek
IT Administrator, Blood Center Ltd.

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