A Zyxel Wireless Solution Delivers High-Bandwidth Connectivity to 5-Star Luxury Resort

A romantic Turkish resort could already boast having a titanic lobby, massive pools, and renowned restaurants and bars. But it felt the existing wireless network needed a bit of spice to ensure guests had the best experience possible. A local IT integrator prescribed a Zyxel Wireless Solution, and the resort has rocketed ahead of competitors ever since. Guests have fast, seamless connectivity whether in their bedrooms or by the pool. And because the solution has the future in mind, the resort’s management can implement new features as they appear in the marketplace. A Zyxel Wireless Solution is guaranteed to keep hospitality ventures ahead of the competition.

The Zyxel Wireless Solution has completely renewed our network infrastructure. With the help of Zyxel’s partner, KBG Bilişim, we have quickly been given the resources to provide our guests with truly high-speed WiFi. In addition to improved guest satisfaction, we have also seen great progress with our overall network performance.

Umit Gurel
IT Coordinator, Stone Group Hotels

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