Streamlining and Securing Multi-Site Networks for Taiwan's Leading Bubble Tea Company

The leading bubble tea company, YA-LAN, sought a reliable and user-friendly solution to promptly address its networking challenges and prepare for future expansion. After a thorough evaluation, the company chose Zyxel's Nebula cloud networking management system, which offers real-time insights into each store's network status, allowing for the tracking of disconnections and device issues. Nebula's wireless network health monitoring feature streamlined network management by identifying issues immediately and simplifying troubleshooting across multiple locations. Regarding cybersecurity, YA-LAN implemented Zyxel's NSG50 Cloud Managed Security Gateways and USG FLEX 100 Firewalls to establish secure VPN connections for remote access and network management. The USG FLEX 100 Firewall applied a zero-trust access policy, ensuring the same security controls for headquarters and branches. It can create access policies based on device context, enhancing network segmentation, reducing the attack surface, and preventing the spread of threats. The integration with the Nebula cloud management platform significantly enhanced security, stability, and efficiency, making it easier to manage multi-site devices and secure remote connections. Furthermore, Zyxel’s professional technical assistance and comprehensive network management provide YA-LAN peace of mind.

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