Optimizing Wireless Networks for Uninterrupted Warehouse Operations

The warehouse in Incheon aimed to build a seamless wireless network to avoid disruptions that could halt operations, particularly for the logistical processes dependent on wireless connections. They used a limited number of high-performance APs across the vast space, minimizing channel settings and roaming intervals between APs. The chosen WAX650S 802.11ax 4x4 AP covers 80m, simplifying network management and significantly reducing deployment and management costs compared to traditional setups. The APs were supported by the multi-gigabit 10G PoE XS1930-12HP switch, which supports PoE++ and is capable of handling large amounts of data. It can also manage high power consumption of up to 375W for connections of up to 8 WiFi 6 APs. Additionally, SSIDs were customized for each usage section, with separate VLANs designed to match the warehouse environment. To manage the vast logistics environment, strategically placed APs facilitated PDAs and wireless communication, requiring centralized device management. The Nebula cloud networking solution was adopted for effective network management, offering real-time insights, device visibility, and security monitoring. Automated topology simplifies complex configurations, automatically generating network diagrams upon device connection. Additionally, IT staff can remotely monitor via smartphones or tablets, optimizing efficiency without on-site presence.

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