Russian Dairy Company Gets Modern, Multisite Connectivity with Zyxel Wireless Solution

A growing Russian dairy company had confidence in their product portfolio, but knew they would need a network upgrade to elevate them to the next level. After contacting a local tech company to help give their aging, disconnected infrastructure a modern makeover, they received a cutting-edge Zyxel wireless solution. With fast site-to-site connectivity, superior performance, and ample room for growth, the flourishing company is currently drawing up plans to open more locations across the country. Find out why the companies that start with Zyxel stay with Zyxel—all the way from startup to success.

The network stability allows us to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Thanks to the Zyxel team and DELC for their contributions to the development of our company.

Roman Scheblykin
Technical Director, Milk House

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