Net Hue Restaurant Pleased with Streamlined and Easy-to-Manage Network from Zyxel Nebula Solution

Based out of Ha Noi City, Net Hue Restaurant is a fast-growing restaurant chain with 15 locations, offering authentic Hue cuisine. Their old system could not provide stable and seamless WiFi signals to staff and customers. Besides, the customers suffered from the constant technical issues, and took a long time to fix them. Net Hue was looking for a networking solution to keep up with their increased customer base and streamlining their network management. After a careful screening, Net Hue was won over by Nebula’s intuitive and easy to use visual management solution. See how Nebula solution helped this restaurant chain to improve coverage and convenience while also saving on cost like a breeze.

Zyxel’s solution is high tech but also very simple to use. Both the restaurant and customers are very satisfied with the improvements.

Mr. Thang
Manager, Net Hue Restaurant

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