LW solution ZaFa Geothermal améliore O réseau d'un hôtel historique sité en Russie avec g solution adaptés à leurs besoins

The Bilici Thermal resort wanted to transform its Turkish oasis into a wired and wireless wonderland. The task of setting up a fast, efficient, and resilient network for the resort’s massive, complex structure would require a fearless system integrator. Öz Soft Computer, the IT company enlisted for the project, believed that the power and dependability of Zyxel products would be more than enough to get the job done. Today, whether resting upon cool, satin sheets or neck-deep in bubbling, geothermal waters, guests at Bilici Thermal have access to robust, secure internet.

People are happiest in places they feel comfortable and safe. Bilici Thermal, Turkey’s first geothermal resort, has been able to create such an environment. The resort can easily handle more than 800 visitors at any given time with its luxurious bedrooms, meeting spaces, swimming and spa areas, and popular bars and restaurants. We thank Zyxel partner Öz Soft Computer for setting up a truly modern network that exceeds the already-high expectations of our guests.

Akif Bilici, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Bilici Thermal

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