Providing More Efficient and Secure Network Environment to Help Spanish Consultancy Achieve Better Business Results

The business consultancy firm QualityConta in Madrid planned to implement a fast and secure WiFi infrastructure that can deliver a high-speed computer network for both employees and guests, and advanced perimeter security to protect against cyberattacks. The implementation has been carried out by Infotecnika Ingeniería de Sistemas SL, which is Zyxel’s solution partner. To increase network speed, category 6A cabling and smart managed switches were implemented to provide an intelligent and easy way to administer management. Besides, the advanced ATP firewall equipment can protect against malware, cryptojaking, ransomware and block unauthorized applications in a sophisticated way. The firewall features Device HA (High Availability) that can ensure business continuity and security protection without interruptions. Given the current need for teleworking, the two ATP firewalls can support up to 150 external SSLVPN connections for remote workers to access their network resources easily, quickly and with greater security. Besides, cloud-managed Nebula wireless access points were deployed to provide high performance and great coverage thanks to the integrated mart antenna technology. The APs include load balancing and offer appropriate service based on the different needs required for guests or personnel outside the company. Zyxel Networks successfully satisfied the customer’s need in greater network agility and better business protection.

It is essential to guarantee the continuity of the work, not only during Covid-19, but in any incident that may arise. Furthermore, at QualityConta we promote and encourage the reconciliation of work and family life for our employees, which is why we consider it essential to have the support of effective technology like Zyxel’s solution to support this policy.

Javier Montero
General Director, QualityConta

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