Zyxel Wireless Solution is Antidote for Russian Resort’s Dead-Zone Dread

The ArtiLand hotel and resort boasts a relaxed pace and myriad amenities, but was in dire need of a way to overcome lackluster connectivity. After implementing a Zyxel wireless solution, the resort now has top-rate signal strength that seamlessly covers both interiors and exteriors. Not only did the upgrade suit its budget, it met all of its specific technical needs. ArtiLand now has a powerful, scalable network to ensure that its guests are fully content with their connectivity.

Under the terms of the [project’s] contract, we monitored the network and had to troubleshoot for two years. During this time, not a single device failed and the network has never fallen. Guests and staff have enjoyed non-stop, 24/7 service.

Alexander Gerasimov
Project Manager, HotelStartUp

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