Zyxel Multy X Conquers Network Nightmare at Polish Manor

Net Systems had a dilemma: how to deliver first-class WiFi to a cavernous, multi-story residence lacking conventional interior wiring? Realizing they would need a creative network solution to conquer a tricky wireless problem, the IT specialists called upon the tri-band, mesh power of Zyxel’s Multy X WiFi system. By connecting one Multy X device to a wired point on the estate’s periphery and placing three additional nodes at optimal spots within, Net Systems was able to produce the strong, speedy, and secure signal that its client had requested.

The customer expected a wireless network with maximum coverage on both floors of the residence, but didn’t want to penetrate the walls. So we based the entire network on a single wired device mounted in a garage at the corner of the estate.

Grzegorz Krulikowski
Owner, Net Systems

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