Zyxel Fills Prescription for Polish Medical Center with Bigger Bandwidth, Stronger Security

With every data point of a patient’s medical history now accessible with the tap of a key, a reliable internet connection is essential for a successful medical practice. For MEDICUS, this meant providing a high-capacity wireless network across three floors. But that was easier said than done. First, the network needed to support 230 computers while ensuring maximum security for patient data. Then there was the reinforced concrete structure of the building and the numerous medical devices, like MRI machines, whose operation severely hampers the operation of wireless access points. “The health care industry has among the toughest standards for network equipment,” Zyxel VAR Account Manager Aleksander Styś explains. “Their speed and reliability as well as their ability to protect patients’ privacy are absolutely critical.” In the MEDICUS case, overcoming the aforementioned challenges in order to meet such standards required increasing the WiFi network’s throughput and stability. The main server was equipped with a 10-Gbit card, which upped the overall efficiency of the network and daily tasks by increasing bandwidth tenfold. Next, Zyxel XGS2210 series switches were used for wireless distribution, as their 10-gigabit SFP+ uplink ports ensure high-speed connections between devices and NWA5123-AC HD APs, enabling data transfer speeds of up to 1300 Mbps.

The solutions offered by Zyxel made it not just possible but easy for us to implement a secure, fast, and reliable wireless network. This is extremely important for a medical service provider like ourselves. Basing the entire network on Zyxel devices allowed for its full integration and facilitated the management of the entire infrastructure, which has also made identifying possible irregularities far more straightforward and efficient.

Kamil Stefański
IT Manager, MEDICUS Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center

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