With Zyxel Nebula Solution, Mid-pandemic WiFi Deployment Is No Problem for Argentine Hotel

Sitting on the shores of Buenos Aires’ Playa San Bernardo beach, Neco Boutique Hotel’s owners had picked the perfect location but not the perfect timing. Built and opened during the height of the pandemic, the hotel naturally placed a premium on having every room on every floor connected by high-speed, high-reliability WiFi. As such, its management needed a solution that was scalable and futureproof plus a vendor with a strong local presence and always-available tech support. The hotel turned to Zyxel’s partner Comunitel for a reliable solution that could be deployed quickly and with minimal fuss. Zyxel’s Nebula cloud-based solution was selected, along with Nebula-supporting switches and access points. The latter are ideal for hospitality deployments, featuring MU-MIMO and an RF-first design to ensure reliable, interruption-free wireless connectivity. With the project taking place during the pandemic, Nebula’s straightforward and remote installation and configuration proved imperative. Its support for cloud networking management allowed the system integrator to set up, configure, and manage the entire network rapidly and in full compliance with social distancing measures. An added plus: the APs’ stylish design blends seamlessly into the hotel’s chic interior. Now, as the pandemic eases, guests are enjoying Nebula’s high-performance WiFi and the hotel is enjoying its low-maintenance network management.

We chose Zyxel’s equipment for the project mainly because of the very positive feedback from other clients who have worked with these devices, and the long-term presence of the brand in Argentina. Besides, the price–performance ratio of the devices compared to other brands was also a deciding factor. We’ve been very satisfied with our decision.

Nilo Rodriguez
Partner Associate, Neco Boutique Hotel

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