Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Expands with Networking Upgrade from Zyxel

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust helped young people from disadvantage backgrounds to succeed in the career of their choice. As the trust was expanding, it required faster, wider and more secure network coverage. The Trust’s building was originally equipped with only one router and a WiFi extender to boost the signal, which often failed. After giving Zyxel Nebula solution a successful trial run, the Trust now enjoys a quick and stable network across the whole center, without having to worry about the WiFi or IT systems. Besides, in the 12 months since the Zyxel system was installed, Vibrant Network, which monitors the new network hasn’t received any calls for support or to fix issues.

Operationally, co-working is now fundamental to what we do here. The trust broke even on our building costs this year for the first time, meaning we’re able to put more money back into the work we do with disadvantaged young people – and we haven’t had to pick up the phone to IT support once.

Chelsea Way
Programmes Manager, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

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