Zyxel Simplifies Scaling for Russian Logistics Heavyweight

There’s a simple sign that a business is feeling optimistic: when even its ongoing investments are consciously making room for future growth. Eurosib is a case in point. When the Russian logistics and transport group recently broke ground on an auto dealership, it didn’t just want a strong, reliable WiFi network—it wanted infrastructure that it could easily and inexpensively build as the dealership grows and its wireless demands increase. Zyxel’s switches, controllers, and access points were the answer, with its flexible “pay as you grow” approach allowing it to gradually upgrade its licensing as it adds new access points.

“We now have a convenient and scalable system in place—it’s a great result. Overall, I can say I’d recommend that my colleagues take a close look at Zyxel solutions for their own projects.”

Stanislav Khomov
IT manager, Eurosib

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