Zyxel Security Solution Gives Polish Dental Clinic Something to Smile About

My Dental Clinic is a full-service dental care facility in the heart of the Polish capital. As with any health care provider, the clinic wanted to protect sensitive patient data, including medical history and other personal information. In addition, management wished to create a more professional work space for its dentists and staff. The achieve this goal, the My Dental Clinic decided to upgrade its network security. Zyxel had just the solution the clinic was looking for in the form of a top-of-the-line Unified Security Gateway.

“Both the protection of personal data and the smooth functioning of the system are of great importance to the clinic's operations. As a dental clinic, we store information about patients, which constitutes what is known as sensitive data. We need to protect them effectively, which is why we decided to implement the Zyxel solution. This enables constant monitoring of potential threats, and features an IDP system that helps detect intruders and malware.”

Dr. Anna Wasiewicz
Owner, My Dental Clinic in Warsaw

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