Turkish Plastics Firm Sleeps Easier After Zyxel Beefs up its Security Network

There’s little more important in the industrial sector than security. This is doubly true for sectors dealing with potentially dangerous materials, such as the plastics industry. So, when Turkey’s Zeugma Plastic put out a call for a system integrator, it had good reason: the company needed a serious overhaul of its security camera network – spanning sites in four separate cities – in addition to an upgrade of its general server equipment. With a Zyxel solution now in place, Zeugma can rest easier knowing the feeds from its camera network are being centrally monitored.

At Zeugma Plastic, we work with the world's leading petrochemical plants and needed to be able to observe all of our facilities from our security headquarters. We’re very pleased to have worked with [Zyxel partner] Mefapex Bilişim. They deployed our new network equipment and security camera system with great mastery and within the projected time frame. We’re also pleased to have established the network using products from Zyxel, which deserves great praise for its technology.

Gokhan Gul
Financial Director, Zeugma Plastic

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