Turkish Metal Manufacturer Links Operations with Zyxel Solution

Aveks is one of the leading manufactures of metal materials based in Turkey, operating a network of offices and production sites across the globe. The complexity of its operations and management scheme required a state-of-the-art network solution to connect the headquarters and various branches. Not only did the solution have to offer stable high-speed connectivity, it also had to comply with Turkey’s rigorous network regulations. Zyxel took on the challenge by providing a network infrastructure based on the company’s security and switching solutions. Now Aveks has a secure, high-performance network in place to keep its operations running smoothly and efficiently.

With this project, implemented by MEB Computer, a partner of Zyxel, we were able to establish a secure network connection between our headquarters and offices with a high bandwidth. We were also able to implement a system that keeps logs of guest access.

Murat Erdoğdu
IT Manager, Aveks

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