Turkish Delight as Zyxel Banishes Dead Spots from Ankara Hotel

There’s a Turkish proverb that goes something like “A hungry man thinks he won´t be satiated.” Visualizing this in the context of bad hotel wireless is all too easy: a haggard traveler trying to Skype home and a disgruntled conference speaker attempting to get a slideshow finished. It was a problem familiar to Foundation House. But since having its network overhauled by a local Zyxel partner, the hotel in Turkey’s capital has been able to let guests gorge themselves at the WiFi buffet. And it does so in style, with access point signals that expand and shrink all on their own to avoid both signal overlap as well as dead spots.

Thanks to the new system, all access points in our facility have been optimized and we can now centrally manage the entire network. Using Zyxel’s technology, we’re giving our guests the comfort and service they deserve. We’re very thankful to [Zyxel partner] Aybiltech for this technology, and for its professional service.

Temel Ünlü
General Manager, General Directorate of Foundations

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