Research University Makes the Grade with Wired and Wireless Network Solution from Zyxel

India’s Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) is one of the country’s preeminent research facilities for the study of nuclear physics, atomic physics, radiation physics, and mass spectrometry. The facility provides resources and technology to conduct high-level explorations into the nature of matter and the fundamental building blocks of our world for researchers both at the facility and other partnering institutions. The nature of this work, utilizing highly specialized high-powered equipment, poses a unique challenge when providing the necessary network infrastructure needed by staff to conduct their studies. To resolve this challenge, the facility turned to Zyxel for a solution that would deliver reliable, high-speed wireless network and Internet access that would not be adversely affected by operation of the Centre’s accelerator and other testing equipment.

We were profoundly gratified with the wireless network solution provided by Zyxel. Their proficient staff was vital in selecting the right solution to meet our needs. With their help, we could overcome many of the specific challenges we faced with this project. Zyxel's assistance and their solution partner Star Comnet's after-sales support has given our staff the assurance to manage our network with absolute ease.

Mr. Sumit Mookerjee
IT Head, Inter-University Accelerator Centre

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