Radisson BLU Hotel Provides Guests with Seamless Connectivity Through Zyxel Wireless Solution

As with any modern hospitality business, management of the Radisson BLU Hotel knew they had to keep pace with the evolving demands of their clientele. This included providing the best in Internet access for the connected devices that most travelers carry today. They also knew that providing a stable Wi-Fi network that reached every corner of the multi-story hotel building and its grounds would not be easy. Multiple walls, rooms, corridors, and floors could create barriers to wireless signals. If guests were denied a stable, high-speed connection, they would take their business elsewhere. To overcome this challenge, the hotel turned to Zyxel, a company that had the right technology and expertise to solve their problem and help them keep their guests satisfied.

"Our Radisson BLU Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful areas of our Ordu province. Our customers require wireless Internet access, which has become as indispensable as hot water in rooms. As an institution that values customer satisfaction, we evaluated these requests and transferred our wireless infrastructure to an expert: Zyxel. We are very pleased with the results of the project and our guests now enjoy wireless Internet access from anywhere in our hotel."

Coşkun Candaş
Ordu Radisson BLU Hotel Vice General Manager

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