Luxury Resort Connects Guests Inside and Out with ZyXEL Wi-Fi Solution

When La Cigale Hotels decided to expand their business, the resort management team wanted to offer the same high level of service and luxury that guest’s experienced at their Qatar location. Along with premium dining and quality accommodation, customers expected quality connectivity for their mobile devices. This included the ability to connect to the Internet not just inside the resort, but in outdoor areas as well. The network would also be used by staff and servers equipped with mobile terminals. The hotel turned to ZyXEL for a comprehensive indoor-outdoor Wi-Fi solution. When it opened its doors to guests, seamless wireless Internet coverage was available from the customers’ rooms to the nearby beach.

“Our client is very satisfied with the final installation. The solution offers excellent signal quality. This is the first time we have accomplished such an important project, and it is also our first project with ZyXEL. We tested ZyXEL products for quality and durability, and we found the external antenna is particularly impressive. It was put through a hard test when we were hit by a strong storm; the antenna proved its worth and excellent build quality.”

Wadji Chaawani
General Manager, R-WAN Solutions

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